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Hello, my Loves!

I’m back with another tag for you all today, and this time it’s all about my puppy! My families life changed on June the 4th 2016 when we welcomed a puppy into our family, and I for so long I’ve been waiting to do the furry friend tag although I have personally not been tagged. I hope you enjoy finding out more about our little ball of fluff, and I tag Lexi, Beth Hughes & Beth Dean.


On to the Questions!

1. What is your animal’s name? 

Her name is Polly!

2.What type of pet is it and what breed?

She is a dog and is a Russian Long Haired Toy Terrier.

3. How long have you had your pet friend?

We have had her for a year on the 4th of June.


4. How did you receive your pet?

We bought as part of a puppy litter, and when we went to pick her up we were also greeted by her little brother, mother, father and grandma, how cute!

5. How old is the pet?

She was a year old on the 29th of March 2017.

6. What are some quirky aspects of your pet’s personality?

She is like a little human, my mum has taught her to talk (bark) when she wants to go out or have something. She also enjoys running into each of the bedrooms on a morning to wake us up, to which we are then greeted with cuddles and kisses, she’s the perfect little alarm clock!


 7. What does your connection with your dog imply to you?

She has really brought us closer together as a family, we spend more quality time together, especially on an evening when we all relax as a family as she snoozes on our laps. She is like our baby and a little bundle of joy.

8. What are your favourite past times with your dog?

Every moment spent with her is special, but I really enjoy our beach and park walk’s as a family as she explores new places and meets new people!


9.What are some of your pet’s nicknames?

Polly Pocket (cause she’s so tiny), Polly Anna and Baby Girl.

I hope you enjoyed finding our more about Polly, and I can’t wait to read the girls tags!


Thank-you for reading

 lots of love



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