Hello my lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 Palette!

Now due to its rather vibrant colour palette, I would most often stray away from eyeshadow palettes like this, but as we come closer to the high Summer, I’m so happy that I opted to add this palette to my collection!

Enclosed within sleek white packaging, the palettes incredible range of shadows exhibits a selection of punchy purples and pinks, as well as an array of soft browns and glistening rose gold shimmers.

As always, each shadow is super buttery and highly pigmented, so remember when applying these to go in with a very light hand and to prepare yourself for an awful lot of blending in order to a get a seamless finish!

 Finally, my favourite thing about this palette is how there is a range of a shades suitable for every occasion, but also every season. I can see myself reaching for the glistening rose gold during the Summer, whilst the crimson reds and burgundy’s will be perfect for when we reach the Autumn/Winter months.

What is your favourite Morphe palette?

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