Stepping into November with Village Candle UK : Review

Hello, my Loves x

Autumn, is the time of year when the majority of us go into hibernation. Where we come home from Work or University, escape the cold, and get into some cosy clothes and settle down for a chilled evening. It is also the time of year to burn our favourite candles and allow autumnal scents to fill our homes. To which my favourite candles to burn recently are those by Village Candle after they kindly gifted me two of their medium sized jar candles, in the scents Grapefruit Ebony Bark and Mandarin Agarwood, as I adore citrusy scents.


Village Candle has a vision that “when our customers are creating their home experience, they are conceiving more than just a place to live. They are composing a place that holds the people they love, the things that make them smile, the memories that make them strong. They are surrounding themselves with the personal elements that are most important to them. They are building a village. And your village is what you choose to make it.”

They also believe in “the power that fragrance holds to inspire and build around us the village of our choosing. One that will renew, empower and fortify the space around us. It is our sincere hope that people, the world over, choose Village Candle to be a part of defining their home and their village.”

 When it came to burning the first of the candles, I chose to burn the Grapefruit Ebony Bark scent, as I am quite simply a sucker for anything grapefruit related. Firstly the scent is quite simply divine, yet not so overpowering that it makes you feel nauseous. The reasons for this being :

  1. Their fragrances include pure essential oils and plant extracts from around the world to provide the finest quality fragrances.
  2. We use only food grade paraffin wax and wax blends.
  3. Their Dual Wick technology provides a slow even burn in the jar and enhanced fragrance release


Secondly, they burn like a dream, as they burn slowly yet they don’t have a cheap plastic smell when they get to a certain point during their burning period, but they release a beautiful aroma into your home.

Personally, I will be purchasing more Village Candle’s in the future, as they offer a wide range of scents, as well as votives, and different sized jars, at an affordable price!

RRP: £16.99

I highly recommend if you are a fellow candle lover that you pick up some jars for yourself! You can purchase the brand from the Village Candle Site, and Collectables stores.

I would like to say thank you to Village Candle, for allowing me to try out their beautiful candles, to stay updated with the company and to hear about other peoples experiences, I will leave their social media below:


Thank you for Reading,

Lots of Love,

Hannah, x

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