My 21st Birthday Wishlist : The Birthday Edit

Hello, my loves x

On the day that this post goes live, it is my 21st birthday tomorrow and I could not be more excited! Although I have already selected some of my presents myself, there is still an element of surprise when it comes to the other gifts that I am to receive. Wishlist posts are some of my favourite posts to create and read, so I couldn’t help but create one for this special occasion. I hope you enjoy!


Disney Traditions Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Belle Figurine

If you can’t already tell from my Instagram, I am a huge Beauty and The Beast fan, and what better to signify that by this beautiful figurine! I may be turning 21 but at any age, I will always be a Disney lover!

Zara Crossbody Bag with Butterfly Detail

Since breaking up from University for the summer, I have been obsessed with using crossbody bags, as they can be used for every occasion and can be perfectly paired with every outfit. It has also taught me to be a more sensible packer of my handbags as everything has to be so compact, and now I only carry the essentials. I love this Zara creation as it is a little more dressy than my others, and I especially love the embellishment.

Olivia Burton Rose Gold Big Dial Mesh Watch

Although I hardly wear or even own a watch I always fall in love with the watches by Olivia Burton, with this one being my particular favourite. Not only because it is rose gold, but I love the big face and dial, as it is a simplistic statement!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

This is probably the most talked about Palette in the blogosphere, and I feel like my makeup collection would not be complete without it! With having green eyes, I feel as if this would be the most complimentary Urban Decay eyeshadow palette for my eye colour.

Zoella Jelly & Gelato Collection  

I adore Zoella’s classic scent, in particular, her blissful mistful body mist! Not only do I love the adorable packaging, but the elderflower and double cream scent is quite simply delicious! I am desperate to try out the Bath Wafers & the Gelat’Eau Body Mist.

Obviously, I do not expect to receive all of this, and I am always grateful for every gift, but this is a little bit of fun!

Thank-you for reading

lots of love



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