Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighting Palette : Review

Hello, my Loves!

Some of the most hyped make-up products on the internet, are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, and although I think they are amazingly beautiful, I’m just not ready to bite the bullet and purchase one. So when I discovered that Primark had created a dupe, for the ABH Sundipped Glow Kit, I headed down to my local store to pick one up!

On first impressions, the packaging is gorgeous and so photogenic with the perfect pairing of marble and rose gold! The only downfall of the palette is that it does not have a mirror, but an image of where to highlight and the shade names, which I think is unnecessary and with a mirror, the palette would have been so much more travel-friendly, but for such a cheap price you can’t really complain.


Secondly, each one of the highlighter pans is a very generous size, so you most certainly won’t run out of your favourite shade in a hurry.  There are four shades within the palette, just like the glow kits. Desert is an icy white, Glimmer is a subtle golden yellow (a perfect dupe for The Balms Mary Lou), Eden is a pastel pink & Firefly a beautiful pure gold! In my opinion, each of the shades can be used not just as highlights, but eyeshadows & bronzer toppers.

Finally, each of the shades is insanely pigmented, and although the palette is so cheap I find the powders to be buttery soft, and when you swirl your brush into the pans you are not left with a tonne of powder spread onto the palette itself. I also find that the rest of my base makeup is broken down, which has happened before when I have used to cheaper highlights.

RRP: £5.00

Overall, I think this is one of the best highlight palettes on the high street market, and I will certainly be picking some of Primark’s dupes.

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11 thoughts on “Primark PS Pure Glow Highlighting Palette : Review

  1. This looks great! I have heard so many good things about the primark highlighters! Sadly when I went a few days ago I couldn’t find any😭

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    1. I had some hassle trying to find one that wasn’t smashed 😭 xxx

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      1. I can imagine, this does look great though! Another product for me to add to my list when in there next!😉xox

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      2. I’m glad to have been a good influence 😉 xxx

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  2. Great review! That does look gorgeous 😀 xx

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  3. This looks amazing!!! Xx

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  4. Heard so many good things about this, think I might have to go and pick one up x


  5. This palette sounds and looks amazing and for such a cheap price too! I’ll definitely be getting my hands on this! X


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