The Best of the Dry Shampoos

Hello, my Loves!

As I am still a university student and as we get further into the warm seasons, Dry Shampoo is a beauty staple for me! Although I am not a huge fan of batiste, I have discovered a couple of alternatives, which I have found a little more volume and texture to my hair.



COLab Fresh Dry Shampoo

The brand COlab was created by fellow beauty blogger Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends).  As a group of bloggers, we all want to see fellow bloggers do well, and Ruth certainly has by creating the wonder dry shampoo and deserves every good review she gets.

COlab comes in 8 scents; Paradise, Tropical, Fresh, Orginal, Fruity, Exotic, Active & Extreme Volume, to which I have the scent Fresh. The formula is the most invisible I have tried, without the heavy build and not having the grey tinge on brunette hair is really important to me! It is great for covering up grease between washes or even if you just want texture and volume throughout your hair.

RRP: £3.49 (Full Sized)

Toni & Guy Casual Matt Texture Dry Shampoo

Toni&Guy is a brand that I have always loved, especially their heat protection spray! But I have recently fallen in love with their texturizing dry shampoo. Just like the COlab dry shampoo, the formula is invisible, with no build up or grey tinge. Once again it adds texture and volume to limp oily hair, but this time is matte!

RRP: £8.25


What are your favourite dry shampoos?

Thank-you for reading

 lots of love



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