My Current Bodycare Routine : Spring 2017

Hello, my Loves!

One of my beauty resolutions for 2017 was to make sure I kept a strong daily routine when it came to my hair, as well as face and body skincare. I am always sharing with you, my favourite facial skincare products, and today I want to share with you my body care routine.

As you will see my routine consists of all Soap and Glory products, as I find that these are some of the best on the market, as they are well priced and also smell amazing and transform the texture of my skin.



My routine begins in the shower when I apply a few pumps of the  Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel onto an exfoliating glove to buff the product into my skin. I love having silky soft skin and carry this method out twice a day! If I want an extra exfoliant or either removing or applying fake tan, I will then use a few scoops of the Scrub Of Your Life all over my body.

When it comes to shaving, as a barrier between my skin and the razor I apply a layer of  The Righteous Butter™ 3-in-1 Ultra Rich & Creamy Body Wash, to which this also cleanses and moisturises my skin. I have found that since incorporating this product into my routine, it reduces the hair growth and my legs feel silky soft after shaving.


Once I have towel dried, I will then apply the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter all over my body, as I love a thick moisturiser as once again this really does help when applying fake tan. When it comes to the amount of product that you get for such an affordable price, I feel like they are never ending no matter how often you use them, and this also a lot more cost-effective when being a university student!

The last step in my routine is taking care of my hands. To which I apply  The Hand Food Hand Cream at least six times a day, as I have a tube on my dressing table, in my handbag as well as my travel bag! I feel by having this with me all of the time, it allows me to stick to my routine.



I will always love Soap and Glory and will continue to fall in love with their products. Leave me your favourites below!

Thank-you for reading

 lots of love



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