Lily Collins Unfiltered Review : Books

Hello, my Lovelies!

When I first saw Lily Collins in Love Rosie, her quirky persona and natural beauty instantly captured my attention, and she soon became someone I admired. So when I heard that she was releasing a book, I couldn’t wait to give read it.

Unfiltered is a collection of essays beautifully written by Lily, and they are most certainly written from her heart, as well being sprinkled with her humour and wittiness


She has opened herself up to her fans for the first time, lifting the filters from her perfect celebrity persona, and is not ashamed to share her flaws and shameful mistakes. With her aim to inspire her fans to be who they are and to say what they feel, and to also live their life unfiltered.

She discusses a variety of topics from her abusive controlling relationships too how her tattoos tell the stories of her successful career, and how her quirks are now seen as strengths instead of weaknesses.


She also opens up about her troubled relationship with food, and the disorders she faced during high school. How her passion for baking and cooking with her mum as a young child has transformed the way she looks at food, and how it has become one of her greatest passions in life. Her Quinoa Cookies look delicious, I hope a cooking book is next on her agenda!


I am such a family orientated person, and I’m blessed to have always had a strong and supportive relationship with parents. The way Lily talks about her parents, and the fact she has had such a wonderful upbringing, even though her father Phil Collins wasn’t present for the majority of it. She has penned beautiful letters to her parents, that I’m sure they will treasure in their hearts forever.


After reading this book I have realised that in order to have a wonderful life, you have to make mistakes in order to learn about how to make yourself happy and surround yourself with people who make you happy and support you in every aspect of life. It’s a book that I would happily read again and again, and now admire Lily even more!

RRP: £12.99

Thank-you for reading

 lots of love



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