Spring Scents

Hello, my Lovelies!

Seeing as Spring is just around the corner, it is time to step away from the Gingerbread scents and begin to spritz fresh floral scents, so here are my top 3!


Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Sheer Love

Sheer Love has notes of Fresh White Cotton and Pink Lily, as well it being infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. This is the perfect day-to-day scent as it so refreshing and easy to wear.

RRP: £16.00

Pink Warm & Cozy Body Mist

Once again this a perfect day-to-day scent, but Warm and Cozy is a little more relaxing, with notes of Toasted Vanilla and Peony, and once again the scent is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera.

RRP: £16.00

Zoella Blissful Mistful

This a very light feminine scent, that is easily buildable taking you from day to night. With top and middle notes including,  strawberry, grapefruit, violet, jasmine and gardenia, and base notes of vanilla and musk. It is most certainly the perfect combination of fruity and floral!

RRP: £8.00

If you have any fragrance recommendations please leave them below so I can check them out

thank-you for reading

 lots of love



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