My Journey with Skinetica

Hello, my Loves!

One of Beauty New Years Resolution is to have the confidence to be able to embrace Make-Up free skin, as my skin is always something that has knocked my self-esteem. I have, to be honest, and admit that my skin is breakout free 90% of the time, but it is the scars and redness that are left behind which are my biggest concern.

After many years of watching YouTube and reading Blogs, I had heard quite a lot of positive feedback when it came to the skincare brand, Skinetica, and when they contacted me offering to send me a bottle of their All-in-One Anti-Blemish Super  Toner Makeup Base, I was ecstatic

They state that after just two days of applying the product, there visible results, to which I felt like this was going to an untrue statement.

You are advised to apply the product as a toner at night, and reapply the product in the morning and allow it to air dry before applying any other products to the face, and if are you not a make-up wearer to reapply every 12 hours.



Before Using Skinectica

As you can see below, my main problem areas are around my chin and mouth, as well as my cheekbones. I did at the time have some active spots, besides the redness which is shown in the first image. I applied the product as a primer first, even finding the application of my foundation was easier to blend! 12 hours later I then applied the product as a toner during my evening skincare routine.

After One Day

What a difference after one day of application, I was simply amazed by the quick results! As you can see the redness has been dramatically reduced, and the size of the active breakouts have also reduced, as my skin had become a lot less oily. There was also a slight decrease in the scarring at the top of my cheekbone, which I was very impressed by, and how it continued to improve my skin even under heavy make-up. I then continued to apply the product in the same routine, as I had the day before.

After Two Days

It is now clear that the bold statement that is made by the brand is very much true! Once again the redness is continuing to rapidly increase, and the active breakouts have now disappeared, only leaving behind tiny scars, as well as the scarring on my cheekbone, has begun to heal. I was blown away by the result!

One Week after using Skinetica

After just a week of using Skinetica, the redness has completely disappeared and my skin now has much more even colour tone! My blemishes have been beaten and the scarring on my cheekbone is still continuing to fade, and this will continue to improve the more I use Skinetica.

Overall I am amazed by the results, especially after only applying the product for a week. I feel happy to say that I will soon have the confidence to go bare faced!


RRP: £9.00

 I would like to thank Skinetica for allowing me to try out this fantastic product and for transforming my skin, and I highly recommend you pick up a bottle and try it for yourself! You can purchase them from the Skinetica website, here.

Thank-you for reading

lots of love



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