Pick ‘n’ Melt Review

Hello, my Lovelies! After connecting with the lovely Helen, the director of Pick ‘n’ Melt on twitter, she kindly offered to send me some of their wax melt’s from their 2016 Christmas range, but when my parcel arrived I was overwhelmed by her generosity.

I received their Standard Christmas Gift Set, first of all, the set includes the minimalistic Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Warmer and 16 Bags Of Melts in 8 different flavours handpicked from their Christmas Range.

The Flavours are; Christmas Time, Christmas Spice, Robin Red Breast, Cocoa and Log Fire, Frankincense and Myrrh, Mistletoe and Wine, Festive Tree and Snow.

RRP: £12.00 (although if you purchase 4, they are just £9 as they are buy 1 get 3 free)

They also offer a supreme version of the set, which includes 32 bags of melts in 16 different flavours, which again are all handpicked from their Christmas Range.

The Flavours are; Chrismas Time, Christmas Spice, Robin Red Breast, Cocoa & Log Fire, Frankincense & Myrrh, Mistletoe & Wine, Festive Tree, Snow, Spiced Apple, Sweet Myrrh & Tonka Bean, Fig & Orange, Ginger & Orange, Mulberry Spice, Chocolate and Shortbread.

RRP: £18.00 (although if you purchase 4, they are just £13.50 if you buy 4 sets)

First of all the ceramic wax warmer is so minimalistic and would look perfect within any room aesthetic! One of the things I love most about the fact the melts are in the form of cubes is the fact that you can make your own personal scent by combining the flavours together, which makes the sets very personal, which in my opinion is my favourite type of gift to receive.

The main core of the business is their monthly subscription service: The Pick ‘n’ Melt Party. This costs just £8 for the standard subscription per month ( or £12 for a Supreme). Within the £8 subscription, you receive 20 bags of melts per month (30 within the supreme).  You manage which scents you receive each month in your user account. You can choose 6 different scents ( 10 within the supreme) and you will receive 3 bags of each chosen scent per month, along with 2 guest scents that are selected by them ( 3 within the supreme). The postage is free, and members will also benefit from exclusive offers and competitions. You can join the Pick ‘n’ Melt party here.

 I would like thank Pick ‘n’ Melt for allowing me to try out these fantastic products, and I highly recommend you pick some up! You can purchase them from the Pick ‘n’ Melt website, here.

Thank-you for reading

lots of love



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