Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch Review

Hello, my Lovelies! When the wonderful people from Beauty Essentials, contacted me asking if I would like to try and review their Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner, I was so excited! I am usually rather good at cleaning my brushes on a weekly basis, but this is mainly for everyday use especially for eyeshadow brushes.
This isn’t a brush cleanser that you would use alone, to deeply cleanse your brushes but it is more of a brush cleaner whilst working on eye looks where you are restricted to a minimum amount of brushes but with a lot of different shadows.
The product is to be re-launched with brand new packaging, as the old packaging was all pink and looked a little cheap. Whilst this was has a fuschia and white chevron design, and looking slightly more sophisticated with a new font.  I am also a huge fan of the box, as it not only tells you how to use the product but the benefits of the brush cleaner are also listed on the box, the benefits including :
  • No Product Transfer
  • Preserves Brushes
  • On-the-go use
  • Hygenic Cleanse
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Quick
  • Refillable
My favourite points being that it preserves the longevity of my brushes, and it that is also refillable as brush cleaners and brushes can be very expensive!
The product is packaged in a tin which makes it travel-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about liquids spilling and damaging your belongings, and the packaging is less likely to break. It also a more cost effective product, as you buy refillable inserts!
The brush cleaner itself is made of a wire sponge. It feels very dry to touch, but it is made from wire so that when the brush is moved in a clockwise direction, the wires get right into the brush and removes the product!
As you can see the ‘clean’ brushes don’t look immaculately clean ; although you can see a difference as the brush does not look clogged up with powder. I was quite disappointed as I thought the brush would be immaculate, although when I rubbed the brush across the back of my hand I was impressed how there was no transfer of product. As long as they product from the top of the brush has been removed, this is the perfect makeup essential! But don’t think that you can’t get away with not thoroughly cleaning your brushes once a week.
(L to R : Before and After)
I would like thank Beauty Essentials for allowing me to try out this fantastic product, and I highly recommend you pick it up! You can purchase the shadow switch from Amazon, here.
RRP : £5.99

thank-you for reading

lots of love




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