Weleda Skin Food Review

Hello, my Lovelies! As you will all know I am very much a skincare junkie, whether it for face or body. So when Weleda contacted me, asking If I would like to review their bestselling Skinfood I was ecstatic!


This bestseller turns 90 years old in 2016 and is known worldwide as an iconic beauty classic. This enriching eco balm soothes and comforts skin battered by life’s daily stresses, and restores skin’s radiance. It can be used all over the body, and I have been using it on my hands, as they tend to get very dry during the day!

For many years, Skinfood was kept an industry beauty secret, but in the past decade it has become a firm favourite with a larger variety of high-profile celebrities including ;  Adele,  Rihanna, Julia Roberts,  Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham and Behati Prinsloo. It’s now known as a backstage beauty essential at The British Fashion Council’s Model Zone where you can find catwalk beauties relaxing and refreshing between fittings and shows during London Fashion Week.

Fashion Model Erin O’Connor calls it one of her handbag essentials : “ My absolute MUST is Weleda Skin Food which I apply all over my body! It smells so fresh and uplifting too and I never leave the house without it”

One of the main reasons I adore this product is upon application it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky, which means it is perfect to throw in your handbag as it will not stop you from carrying out your daily tasks! It also leaves your hands feeling instantly moisturised, and I’ve found it even works wonderfully around the cuticle area to stop them looking chapped and untidy.

This is also a cruelty-free product, made up of organic plant extracts, fine plant oils and waxes which are well known for their richness and gentleness. I am personally a fan of a citrus scent when it comes so body care, so the fact ingredients include sweet orange and Lavandula essential oils so to me it’s even more heavenly! The ingredients are all enveloped in a mixture of smoothing and nourishing organic almond oil, sunflower oil, organic beeswax and hypo allergenic lanolin, which is why it’s so moisturising!

Skinfood is also made up of various plant actives include ;

Chamomile Flower Extract

The flowers of this plant posses gentle healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Most often in skincare products, it is paired with Calendula, in which the combination is meant to have a soothing, calming effect. So if you are constantly using your hands, this is definitely the hand cream for you.

Wild Pansy Extract 

The tiny Viola tricolour is particularly good for rough or cracked skin, and it helps to keep your skin feeling soft and supple. Which is why I said it works wonders on my cuticles, as this where my skin is usually cracked, it also has worked extremely well in the gaps between my fingers.

Calendula Flower Extract

For many centuries, Calendula has been known for its soothing and healing effects on irritated or inflamed skin. It has anti-bacterial properties,  protecting the skin from infection! Which is another reason why it makes the perfect handbag essential, as it is a hand cream and sanitizer combined!

Rosemary Leaf Extract 

Known for its revitalising, stimulating actions. Rosemary is traditionally used for it’s restorative and tonic properties, which is great to perk up a pasty complexion! And I’m pretty sure everyone wants to have youthful and nourished hands.

Jayn Sterland, Weleda’s Managing Director comments on SkinFood are “Sometimes the coolest trendsetting products are not the lastest and newest fad, hip today and old news tomorrow. Sometimes old is the new new” and is she is most certainly right, other hand creams that I have tried certainly do not beat this!

If you would like to try this award winning product out (23 to be precise!), it is available in 3 sizes,  75ml perfect for your bedside, 30ml perfect for your handbag and 10ml which is perfect for travelling! You can purchase Skinfood from Waitrose, Holland and Barret and www.weleda.co.uk

RRP : 10ml – £2.25, 30ml – £6.95 and 75ml – £9.95

I would like to thank Weleda for allowing me to review their product, and I will definitely be checking out what else they have to offer. And I highly recommend that you do too!


thank-you for reading

 lots of love

Hannah XOXO


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