Hello, my Lovelies! I recently saw my beautiful friend Paige from Paige Allan complete this tag with her boyfriend, I just knew I had to rope my boyfriend in to take part in it too!


(Copyright Image : @paigeallan)

When it comes to our relationship, he’s all about Lord of the Rings, Physics and cars, whilst I enjoy watching Youtube and having a mountain of beauty knowledge. When it comes to our interests we listen to each other, but we honestly have no clue what either of us are talking about. So when it came to him answering the questions, I was surprised by how much he actually knew.

Bronzer :  To darken your cheeks and stuff

Blusher : Doesn’t it make your cheeks red?

Mascara : It goes on your eyelashes

Eye Liner `: Is that the pencil thing that you use to darken the bottom of your eyes?

Strobing : To make your face flash

Eyeshadow : Do you put it on your eyelids?

Powder : You powder your face and stuff…like people used to in the olden days?

Foundation : Your base layer

Concealer : To hide the bits you don’t like

Highlighter : To highlight the bits you do like

Setting Spray : The top coat

Contouring : When you put dark stuff on your cheekbones, you can also contour your legs (personally I think he’s been watching too many facebook videos)

Primer : First base coat

Lip Liner : Fills in the edges of your lips

Brow Pencil : Goes on your eyebrows, to make them a different colour or to make them fuller

Serum : Captain America uses it to make him stronger..someone explain this reference to me?

Cleanser : To clean your pores out

Micellar Water : Is that like Fiji water..erm no? to clean your makeup off

Toner : To make stuff look darker

BB cream : A hand cream or moisturiser

Could you do my makeup the same way I do it every day?  I

If I got all the answers right, yes but if I didn’t then defiantly not

Was this test hard? Why yes/no?  A little bit yes, but it was just confusing.

I tag Lexi and Beth!

thank-you for reading

 lots of love

Hannah XOXO


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