Hello, my Lovelies! Today’s post is the second part of my Newbie Student Bloggers Series, you can read the first part here. When starting a blog, no matter what the topic may be I will always advise signing up to a blogging platform. If you are unaware of what a blogging platform is, it is where bloggers can interact with other bloggers, and also various different brands. I am signed up to one or two platforms and have been given many exciting opportunities, whether it may have been from an independent brand or brands that are on a much larger scale!

I would also advise signing up as it is a way of creating contacts, and when being a newbie blogger they sooner you can do this the better! Not only will this help your blog grow, but will also benefit you in the future as you could even become an ambassador for the brand !

Also only apply to  assignments on the platforms that meet your blogs topic, and also the ones that will enjoy completing. If you are not truly interested in the brand or product, you are not only wasting your time but the brands and that could jeopardise your professional career as a blogger.

Now let me introduce you to my favourite platform…

The Blogger Programme


TBP is my first favourite of the bunch. First of all the website is so easy to navigate, everything is so easy to find and you get informed of new messages, campaigns and opportunities. Secondly, the programme allows you actually you to talk to brands and PR companies to find out more about their assignments, as opposed to just applying for various campaigns and waiting around. This means you’re able to discuss in depth various opportunities and find out what exactly the brand wants from you, you’re also able to form a close relationship with a brand. I have worked with brands such as BKLYN Clothing, Regime London and EatCleanTea, and thoroughly enjoyed working with them. The TBP best advertisers include Very, River Island, Feel Unique and The Body Shop.

I am very aware that many other blogger platforms exist, but in my opinion, TBP is the best one there is! I would  love  to know if any of you have worked with the blogger programme if you have leave a comment below!

I hope you are all enjoying this blog post series if so then follow me for more.

thank-you for reading

lots of love

Hannah XOXO


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