My Favourite Scents

Hello, my Lovelies! In this post I will be talking about something, that is very much overlooked on my blog : Fragrance! When it comes to scents, I like those that have notes of Oriental Fruits and Flowers. Here is a brief rundown of my favourites!


Nina Ricci Nina L’Eau

First of all I will begin with most expensive on the list, in which it retails for £37.99. The packaging for this is initially what drew me to it, the frosted pink glass in the shape of an apple makes Nina L’ Eau the perfect fairytale fragrance. With notes of Frosted Neroli, Apple Blossom, Gardenia and White Musk, wearing this floral fragrance makes you feel like a modern-day Snow White.


Zara Woman Peach and Blooming Rose

Up next, something a lit bit more on the fruity side. When being a student, fragrance is something that I personally do not like to spend a lot of money on. Which is why whenever I am browsing Zara, I always check out their perfumes as they are extremely affordable yet smell like a high-end fragrance! This retails at £12.99 for 100ml and is my favourite out of all the Zara Perfumes I have tried. With notes of Bergamot, Peach, Blooming Rose, Orange Blossom and Musk, this is my handbag fragrance which lasts all day!


Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Sheer Love

As you will all know if you have read my Christmas and Birthday Wishlist’s, I am a huge fan of the Victoria’s Secret Brand. My love of their products includes the Body Fantasies, which is a body mist. These retail at £12 for 250ml, in my opinion, they are worth every penny! I will begin with my daytime option, Sheer Love has notes of Fresh White Cotton and Pink Lily, making it easy to wear whilst smelling incredible.


Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Love Spell

Love Spell is my night time option, with notes of Cherry Blossom and Peach it certainly makes a statement and is one that I get complimented on often. I sometimes pair this with the Zara fragrance to make more of an impact, and I have, to be honest out of all the fantasies that I have tried this my favourite (seeing as I am now coming to the end of my third bottle).


If you have any fragrance recommendations please leave them below so I can check them out!

thank-you for reading

lots of love

Hannah XOXO

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