Everyday Must Haves : Makeup Revolution Brow Kit

Hello my Lovelies! I hope you are all enjoying this series of my everyday must haves, and today I will be talking about something that I don’t usually discuss on my blog : Brows!

After having a few eyebrow disasters over the years ( I’m pretty sure all us girls have the same pain) I can finally say I’m pretty happy with them and this is influencing me to buy more brow products. After testing out the MUR Ultra Brow Palette, I decided to pick up the MUR Brow kit, and for just £2.50 I am not disappointed at all!

The palette is the perfect handbag brow essential, it includes 3 easily blend able powders, a creamy wax, mini angled brow brush and a tiny pair of tweezers.  I picked up the shade light medium as my hair colour is kind of a medium brown, and I have found that the shades create an amazing faded brow!


The gel sets your brows all day long, and especially as the weather begins to get a lot warmer it stops your brows from melting off during the day! And as for the mini tools that included, they are good quality for something that you can just throw in your handbag. The packaging also makes this very travel friendly, it’s sleek and black and includes the perfect travel mirror! Whats not to love about this product, I highly recommend you pick this one up!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and look forward to reading more about my Everyday musthaves. You can read my last one, which featured the Urban Decay Naked 2 here.

Thank-you for reading

lots of love

Hannah XOXO

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