Everyday Must Haves : Collection Contour Kit

Hello my Lovelies! Over the last couple of months, when looking through my makeup collection It was starting to become overrun by eyeshadow palettes and lip stick. Since then I have decided to branch into other product categories, most it being Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush.

I always love trying new products as I always like to switch up my makeup bag, whilst still creating my everyday look. I hope you enjoy this post, and If you have any recommendations of what I should pick up then leave a comment below and I will try them out.

Collection Contour Kit

First of all the packaging of this makes it your perfect handbag essential. It’s black and sleek, and with the kit only coming in one shade you can see the product clearly so from first glance you will know if it is the shade for your skintone. It also includes a little mirror that is perfect for touch ups!

For the price of just £4.19, you get so much product in both pans especially in comparison to other items that are available on the market.

The contour shade is the perfect shade for me, as it’s not muddy or orange toned but just add’s a nice glowing brown which is perfect for the summer. It also blends so well, especially if your someone like me who can sometimes go a little overboard. I also how it does not feel chalky and that is doesn’t go patchy when on top of other products.

And when it come’s to the highlight, it is honestly nothing what would expect especially from just looking at in the pan. When swatched it looks like a pale cream colour with a silver shimmer, but when applied alongside the contour shade it creates the perfect dewy glow! This is the perfect everyday kit and I can guarantee if you pick this up you will not be disappointed!

13236313_10201936312686393_1241788668_n (1)

thank-you for reading

lots of love

Hannah XOXO

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